Consulting Examples

Examples of JPA-International Coaching and Consulting Projects



Zurich Financial Services/Farmer’s Insurance.  Numerous locations, including Geneva, Switzerland, and Shaumberg, IL

Two-year contract of program development on Orientation/New Hire, Peer Coaching, communications and meeting management training.  Consultation project on the Balanced Scorecard development and implementation.


PEPSICO, Purchase, New York

Produced and developed a 3-hour DVD program including customized role plays on Interviewing and Communication Skills as a training and orientation tool.


U.S. Marine Corps, Camp S.D. Butler, Okinawa, Japan

Several training and consulting assignments with a variety of civilian and military professionals at the base on areas related to Risk Management, Business Process Mapping, and the detection of fraud, risk and controls.

CSU logo

California State University, San Marcos, CA

Developed an instrument for CSU to help assess a person’s ability to be successful as a franchise owner.  Extensive interviewing of experts in franchising and literature review conducted as part of developing the instrument.

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 Union Bay Sportswear, Seattle, Washington

Worked with managing partners of the U.S. headquarters to implement a team-based organizational culture throughout their organization.  Extensive training, strategic planning, executive coaching, competencies development and other consulting services were provided to assist the company in their organizational change efforts.  Coordinated efforts with a company-wide upgrade in all computer and telephone systems.

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Fleet Technical Support Center, Pacific Region Naval Command, San Diego, California

All personnel in the Command went through a specialized program to build a communication  loop and to change the organizational culture to one that is more collaborative and based in team.  A step-by-step process for creating results-oriented collaborative teams was implemented; special training was provided to senior management, department heads and middle management with ongoing coaching and strategic planning to the senior management team.


Consembition Jaya Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Consulting, research, assessment and training projects throughout Southeast Asia.  Project have  ranged  from  management development of the officers of the Sarawak Economic Development Council in North Borneo to leadership development training in Singapore.


Anonymous Client:  Investigative Interviewing/Critical Incidence

On-call Critical Incident Psychologist for two major Fortune 100 corporations with U.S. headquarters in California.  Joan Pastor oversaw the resulting trauma to victims of crimes, from robbery to assault to homicide.


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Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Provided consulting and facilitation to Vanderbilt in two areas:

  1. Set up and track the implementation of a diversity initiative at the VU Medical College (VUMC)  which involved benchmarking what other academic medical colleges of equal prominence were doing, and leading the Cultural Diversity Steering Committee.
  2. Assist in the implementation of a formal alliance that had developed between VUMC, Meharry College and Metropolitan General Hospital with a focus on the integration of the various cultures, both organizational and ethnic.


 Major Health Care Organization, U.S.A.  (Due to certain sensitivities in the nature of the assignment, the company name is not available.  A generic report is available.)

Engaged to assess their 360 degree feedback process in several of the headquarter divisions.  Complete assessment done, including re-engineering of the complete process, extensive  report.


City of Los Angeles:  Metropolitican Transit Authority (MTA), Los Angeles, California

Worked with management from top down to build a sound infrastructure after MTA underwent a major reorganization.  Teamed with another company to use a business and risk self-assessment model designed to reduce, eliminate and  prevent exposure to fraud, financial weakness and other major risks, while at the same time implementing results-based re-engineering and process efficiency and effectiveness.

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National Security Agency, Fort George Meade, Maryland

Assisted the Agency to change their organizational culture from a military orientation to one based  on internal collaboration.  Worked with the senior leadership team on strategic planning and values clarification, and  to develop leadership skills necessary to lead their organization through a great deal of change.  Provided training throughout the organization on facilitative leadership and  building high-performance self-managed teams to develop measure-based commitment and accountability.


Major Airline, U.S.A. 

The airline industry was tasked by the Department of Transportation to develop a Code of Customer Service in 2000 due to the rising complaints and safety concerns.  Worked with this airline to assess several of their core processes using employee and management facilitated workshops, interviews, on-site observations and audits, and to recommend ways to improve the processes, resolve core problems, and implement needed changes in the management and organizational structure.  Major corporate restructuring and complete process re-engineering was mapped out.  Extensive report and feedback provided.(Due to the highly sensitive nature of this project, the airline is not named, but a generic report is available.)