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Joan Pastor and her team provide comprehensive corporate governance consulting to guide you in establishing appropriate organization governing bodies, policies that balance power within the organization, and corporate guidelines to stay within both legal and ethical boundaries.  Our goal is to drive increased efficiency and profitability through optimum corporate governance.


Unique Benefits Only From JPA

Governance consulting from a different point of view with focus on people and communications.

We’ll create a governance advisory strategy based on the people and personalities you have in the organization.

Our experience directing dozens of organizations provides the background to help guide yours.

Each approach/strategy is custom designed to fit within your organizations framework and people.
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Leadership Training

Leadership counseling may include: Communications; Establishing Ethics; Corporate Culture; People Skills, Interviewing; Public Speaking & more.  CLICK HERE

Board Meeting Facilitation

Improve board room productivity and cohesiveness with JPA’s psychology-based strategies and plans.

Event Presentations

Governance and management themed keynote and meeting presentations that include interaction and fun.

Personal Coaching

Even business leaders and board members can use professional coaching and guidance.  Get proven results from JPA.

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Topical Content on Governance and Compliance
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