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Online Courses and Presentations:14 Example Events that Make Business Leaders Think!

The success of many group events, annual meetings and organization programs often hinges on powerful general session or keynote presentations. High quality programs should educate, inform and entertain, all at the same time. Highly sophisticated audiences expect top quality content that makes attending worth their time and patience.

Joan Pastor’s courses, just like her training and consulting, are always highly insightful, great fun and lead to real change in how you think and act!

JPA associates provide highly energetic and interactive speakers who deliver memorable general session and keynote content that will be the highlight of your event program.

We deliver in serious or humorous tone, based on your event atmosphere. Whenever possible we will integrate your program theme into our presentation in some way. You can rely on a JPA associate being on time and prepared for your event.  Our most popular presentations listed below. However we can custom build a program to fit your needs.   All JPA-International programs can be custom tailors to your needs. We can adjust content for the audience and the time available.  Call 760 945 9767, email [email protected], or use our handy contact form to get started.


Leadership: When It’s Healthy… When It’s Ethical… When It’s Not… and, What We Can Do About It

We know not all people in politics are effective leaders. The same is true for the workplace. Learn exactly why some leaders go “bad” and what to do about it (the answer will surprise and fascinate!), uncover the 4 critical competencies necessary to be a good, if not great, leader and what you can do to be the best leader possible for others. This is a more serious and fundamentally important speech, and addresses the reality of ethics and morality in the business world.

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Harnessing your Mental and Emotional Abilities to Provide Outstanding Client Service

Have you ever noticed that managing customers well means managing their emotions and expectations well? People in any business that focuses on relationship management need emotional management skills. First, for themselves and then for managing others. And the outcome is becoming an even more persuasive, positive and powerful communicator. (Click below for detail)

This general session:

  1. Spills the secrets for understanding and managing emotions of all types in the situations that you face.
  2. The session is customized to the audience, but you could learn, for example, not only how to turn around an angry and upset customer but how to end the exchange with them thinking you are the best thing since sliced bread.
  3. If you are management, this is the place to learn how to handle upset employees and difficult workplace situations.
  4. If in sales, this will help you get through the obstacle course of handling objections.

Through humor, interaction and insight, learn how you can use what you learn to bring even greater success and happiness to your life, and to the lives of others.

Board of Director Responsibilities for Non-Profit Organizations

The primary responsibility of a board of director is to ensure fiscal and ethical stability for a non-profit organization. After experiencing the worst recession in our country’s history, the challenges of maintaining an organization’s mission while achieving financial strength should be evaluated quarterly. (Click below for detail)

Chuck Malkus’ presentation includes achieving a solid structure for non-profits, including governance and program development. Creating momentum to ensure success for organizations are featured with:

  1. Evaluating current board structure
  2. Keeping board members engaged
  3. Organizational goals and progress reports
  4. Program development and reaching full potential
  5. Fund raising and evaluating revenue streams
  6. Audit Committee and stability
  7. Short-term and Long-term planning
Success as an Introvert or Extrovert: Leveraging Your Greatest Assets for Positive Leadership

Many years ago, Joan Pastor, through her work as both a clinical and business psychologist, began to notice that our genetic tendency to be more introverted or extroverted was of critical importance for both personal happiness, executive management skills and professional success. In this insightful and fun look at how introverted and extroverted souls relate to the business world and to each other, we will look at how we can use our innate strengths to grow into the best leader possible.

This keynote will give tremendous insight into yourself, in how to collaborate better with your peers and workforce and in talent recruitment. There is even research showing the relationship between introversion, extroversion and a company’s sales success! Some of the areas looked at are:


  1. What is the difference between introverted and extroverted people? It is not what you think!
  2. How your temperament- the degree of I vs. E that you are- strongly influences your chosen profession and the path of your career.
  3. At least 3 cool things you did not know about introverted people and how they can be- and are- natural leaders!
  4. At least 3 cool things you did not know about extroverted people and how they can be- and are- natural leaders!
  5. Why we need both styles, working together, for a successful team (and a successful company).
  6. How to bring out the innate strengths of your people in general and coach them to better job performance and professional success.
  7. Where does gender fit into the equation- if at all?
  8. Does I vs. E play a role in many conflicts that come up on the job (yes)? What do you do?
  9. Can an introvert become (more) extroverted? Can an extroverted become more introverted? Should they? When to let one’s nature rule, and when to try to modify your temperament.
The Relationship Between Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Using emerging research, find out about emotional intelligence and how it is and is NOT related to effective leadership. An interesting revalation for all attendees, when questions are asked, such as: Do effective leaders use emotional intelligence skills? Does it make a difference what arena of leadership the person operates in, i.e., corporate, military, Girl Scout leader? What about professions? Are Chief Financial Officers effective leaders, and if so, do they use emotional intelligence skills to be more effective (the answer is yes). Do they use similar or different emotional intelligence and leadership skills than, say, the VPs of sales (the answer is yes).

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Highly motivating, fun and insightful!

So, You Think You are a Great Communicator? Think Again.

Communication problems are at the core of most workplace problems. The salesperson loses the deal because the customer didn’t really understand the value of the service that is offered. The project is falling apart because people don’t really understand the goals, nor the responsibilities of others. The manager is frustrated because she has to explain, yet again, how she wants something to be done. Join JPA’s presenters in this fun and insightful speech as they show how the world responds to great, or not so great, communication, and learn how to improve your own communication skills in the process!

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The Power of Positive Persuasion

In this session, you will learn how to develop positive, non-manipulative “influencing” skills. See how the ability to influence is just as important as negotiation and conflict management. By using these barely perceptible communication skills, even the most resistive persons will see the benefits of your recommendations. Use of these skills will earn you the respect of your clients, management, and co-workers.

Improving persuasive skills will not only help you in your occupational endeavors, but also at home and any involvement you have in other groups and organizations.

Creating Great Collaborative Relationships

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone at work got along? Wouldn’t it be great if we all lived in perfect harmony? Well, while we can’t recreate Disneyland, there is a lot that we can do to build really good relationships with our co-workers, team members, vendors, customers and even our loved ones. This is one of JPA’s oldest and most popular keynotes. What could be a heavy topic instead shows the secrets to understanding others, different “styles” of negotiation, and strategies for building collaboration using demonstration and lots of humor. (Click below for detail)

  1. Learn how to become comfortable with conflicts.
  2. How to manage and resolve conflicts.
  3. How to prevent them or stop them before they get out of hand!
  4. In this general session, JPA shows you how everyone has their own conflict management and “negotiation” style. Learn yours, everyone else’s, and tons of practical techniques that really, really work.
How to Handle People Exceptionally Well

Learn how to understand what motivates the difficult people you deal with, predict and prepare for difficult encounters, use a proven action plan for confrontation, alter negative behavior with positive results, work through a situation to permanently resolve conflict, and deal with potentially difficult situations before they get out-of-hand. Find out how to keep your head…your cool…and your control!

This presentation can take multiple forms. Call for detailed outline for your specific organization.

Marketing Program Audits to Increase Business

This insightful presentation by marketing communications expert Chuck Malkus covers why every business should engage in a Marketing Audit at least every 2 years. In today’s world of promoting products and services through a wide range of marketing vehicles, it’s important to have consistency of message as well as evaluate effectiveness with sales. Businesses typically spend time on developing a new marketing plan every year, however, in many cases overlook past marketing strategies during the previous 2 or 3 years. (Click below for detail)

A Marketing Audit will assist identifying the direction of where a company needs to go in the future and this presentation will include:

  1. The reality of today’s Market Segmentation
  2. Reaching key audiences through Alternative Marketing Strategies
  3. A fresh perspective with Customer Analysis
  4. Target audiences
  5. Customers who have not been reached
  6. Achieving results through new avenues
  7. Gaining buy-in from internal audiences
New Media and Public Relations: Achieving by The Rules

This sensational presentation by Chuck Malkus covers everything you should know about gaining positive and factual news media coverage. Preparation is the key before a reporter calls your organization about a story and the opportunity to be featured in a national news feature. And, in today’s lightning fast media cycle, it’s important to have your organization’s messages and spokespeople lined up in advance. (Click below for detail)

  1. The importance of news media relations
  2. Key messages
  3. Generating positive media coverage
  4. Strategic planning
  5. Your best news stories (Top 3)
  6. Gaining media results
  7. Planning ahead
  8. Before responding to a surprise interview request
  9. Managing the media as much as possible
  10. Be open and honest
  11. Communicating with reporters on camera
  12. Following the interview
  13. Achieving with new media
  14. Policies of posting on the web
Harness Your Mental and Emotional Abilities for Outstanding Leadership

Leaders face pressures that subordinates rarely understand. That’s why it’s important for leaders to understand the mental and emotional challenges and learn to manage them properly. This is the program where you learn once and for all how to manage your emotions and harness your mind to work for you:

  • What gets in the way, and how to choose or move closer towards choosing.
  • Behaviors and actions that enhance natural leadership skills.
  • We take the best and most profound research on emotion and the mind and make it apply directly to you.
  • You are guaranteed to learn and realize things here you never realized before.

Highly motivating, fun and insightful!​