Client Testimonials

It’s always pleasant to hear what our clients and attendees remark after one of our programs.  Listed below are a few highlights from the comments we have received.

“Since I met my mentor at Ford,  I can’t think of anyone who has done or is doing more to help me develop.  Yes, several people have helped my career progress but this is more.  You are helping me become a better person.
Thank you and you are amazing and gifted.”

Unsolicited Testimonial from a CIO of a Fortune 100 company



“Joan always delivers and is a true professional. Her personal approach is greatly admired.”
Paul T. Schafer
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory



After attending a local seminar – lead by Joan – on risk assessment, I encouraged my organization to hire Joan to assist us in training our audit team for the roll out of our redeveloped risk and control assessment process.
Joan is a very knowledgeable, insightful, versatile, and engaging instructor. She has a special knack for conveying the most boring, mundane, or technical information in an energetic, entertaining, and easily understandable manner. I highly recommend her services!”
Sarah Marks, Principal Internal Auditor, LACERA



“I enjoyed the time you spent with our team at the Lower Colorado River Authority very much.  It was also like spending a few days with an old friend!  I have re-reviewed the materials from class a few times and have started incorporating some things into my work (such as when planning to meet with an audit client – reviewing the AUDITOR model).  The DISC information has been a regular part of our conversation around the office and among friends.  I learned a lot about myself (and even more when reading Success as an Introvert).  I was (and am) fascinated by the whole discussion we had about the brain and how when a person is “in” one area of their brain (angry or defensive), they aren’t necessarily thinking logically (with that front part of the brain).” 
Nicole R. Rhyne, Auditor II, Lower Colorado River Authority



I attended the IIA Spring Conference, 2012 in Birmingham Alabama and had the pleasure of meeting Joan Pastor.  She was a dynamic speaker who taught in an engaging, highly informative, and collaborative way.  Her Leadership Assessment Analysis Tool for Auditors was exceptional!  Everyone I spoke with was very impressed with all of Joan Pastor’s work and  the expertise she offered us.  We would welcome her back in Birmingham at any time her schedule permits.”
S. Marie Vernon, CIA, Accountant-Alabama Institute for Deaf & Blind.



Dr. Joan Pastor presents on all areas of organizational and management development to countless Fortune 500 companies and associations worldwide. Her deep expertise covers topics such as Conflict Management, Leadership Skills, Psychology of White Collar Crime, and Negotiation Skills. Dr. Pastor provides information that can be successfully applied immediately. Joan is extremely informative, engaging and funny! You can’t miss when you hire Dr. Joan Pastor!”
Dr. Tony Alessandra, Founder & CEO,



Joan has a way of understanding the internal audit world better than most consultants and presenters.  Joan’s in depth knowledge of working with several internal audit groups shows through.  For example, her insight into the interviewing process from an internal audit process is right on and she provides great tools and strategies in the interview process!!”
Rick Wardrip, CIA, CISA, CPA, CAE, Salt River Project (major utility in Phoenix, AZ)



Joan always delivers and is a true professional. Her personal approach is greatly admired.”
Paul T. Schafer, CIA, CFE, CCSA



Thank you so much for the excellent presentation on The Psychology Behind Fraud, Unethical Behavior, and White Collar Crime. We had a record-breaking crowd!  In particular, the administration and support by Joan’s staff was fantastic.”
Mark Thompson
Chapter President, Central Florida IIA



I’d like to make you aware of a dynamic speaker I saw earlier this year–Joan Pastor, Ph.D. Dr. Pastor presented Conflict Management and Interviewing Skills to the Clinical Quality Assurance group. While the group had a diverse background, all agreed that the information presented on communication styles and conflict management was very useful and relevant to our auditing strategies. I would highly recommend that she be considered for a presentation at the annual meeting on this topic.”
Paula Hamilton, Senior Compliance Specialist, Takeda Global Research & Development, IL



I attended the How To Effectively Run Meetings: The Control & Risk Self-Assessment Training taught by Dr. Joan Pastor. The two-day training was intensive and simply excellent. Joan has a way of delivering difficult concepts in a simplified manner which is easily retained mentally. I plan to incorporate some of her concepts in an upcoming Control Self-Assessment. Once again, the training was great!”
Jarvis (Jay) W. Clarke, Supervising Auditor, Chevron Corporation , Corporation Auditing Department



“The most thing I applaud from the article is that much as is important to have the charter for the mandate of the Audit Committee, there must also be a set of values that the team must live with as that would provide consistency and goal congruence where there will be spirit of togetherness for collective efforts.”
Lesedi Director-at-Large- IIA Global Board
Chairman- African Federation of Institutes of Internal Auditors (AFIIA)
Founding Director of Internal Audit- Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST)

(Referring to article “Eight Habits of Highly Effective Audit Committees”)



Thank you for making our training events and chapter meeting a great success.  I really enjoyed working with you.  I’m already looking forward to our next event(s) with you.”
Pam Bishop, CIA, CFE, CISA, CRISC, IIA Detroit Chapter


Our chapter’s response to Joan’s presentation was overwhelmingly positive.  Her full day presentation on Conflict Management and Leadership Skills kept our members intrigued throughout the day.  We were delighted to have someone of Joan’s expertise and enthusiasm provide her insight to our chapter.”
Diane Napolitano, President, NY Chapter of the IIA (2010-2011)



We are pleased that you accepted the invitation to be the keynote speaker at the 10th Biennial Joint Audit DOE Conference.  Your presentations Harnessing the Mental and Emotional Skills for Outstanding and Effective Leadership and Psychology of White Collar Crime were timely and very well received by attendees.  On behalf of Paul Schafer and Michael Sinko, I want to thank you for your participation and excellent presentations. ”
Robert C. McNair, Vice President, Brookhaven National Laboratory



Joan, if you haven’t yet received your speaker ratings for your Conflict Management Skills session from the IIA International Conference, I think you’ll be happy.  Not surprisingly, yours was one of the most popular sessions, with more than 300 attendees, and you received very high speaker evaluation ratings.  Great job as always.”
Paul J. Sobel, Vice President, Internal Audit, Mirant Corporation


Joan’s course was a big help, for me personally and my colleagues, when I was tasked with helping our audit group become proficient in facilitating workshops. I facilitated my first risk assessment workshop a month after taking the course, and it helped me go in well prepared and confident. A few years later, when I was the Director of Enterprise Risk, I brought Joan in to teach the course a second time. In addition to the obvious value for audit and risk workshops, the skills and principles that Joan teaches are very useful in a broader context. They help you be a better manager and a better communicator.”
Dave Eden, Site Infrastructure Manager,  New Nuclear Project, Ontario Power Generation



Joan’s seminar on The Psychology Behind Fraud was excellent!  I hope to attend another in the future.”
Jackie Strat, Program Coordinator, IIA North Jersey



I am recommending Joan Pastor as a very good potential Speaker for the upcoming International Conference in Boston. I know her well and she spoke at the last IIA International conference in Atlanta.    I actually recommended her for our Boston Chapter years ago and she has done a lot with the IIA now for years.  She gets rave reviews and has a lot of experience doing training for the IIA worldwide.”
James Murphy CIA, CFE, MBA, Senior Manager, Internal Audit,  Hologic Corp.



“A few years ago we had the pleasure of securing Joan Pastor for the Chicago Chapter of the IIA’s Annual Seminar where she did an hour presentation on The Psychology Behind FraudI was able to participate in this session and I, along with the other participants, was captivated by her presentation.  After that we knew we needed her to come back for at least a full day session for our members.  Finally, we were able to bring her back to present for one full day of our 2-day fraud seminar to speak on The Psychology Behind Fraud, Unethical Behavior and White Collar Crime Her session was a great complement to our Fraud Training.  She was able to link her presentation on the psychology behind fraud to all the practical business applications that we had learned the previous day.   Also, at the end of the day Joan did a fantastic job moderating a panel discussion regarding fraud investigations.  Our panel included a current FBI Agent, two Internal Audit professionals that work on fraud investigations and an individual that works for a fraud investigation consulting firm.  Joan was able to facilitate the discussion and link their real life experiences to her earlier presentation.  Overall, the seminar was a huge success.  We would welcome Joan back to present again anytime!”
Rebecca Nilson, Director Internal Audit, First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc., AVP Education, IIA Chicago Chapter



“It was such a pleasure to meet you and work with you.  I do hope we can work together again.  I so enjoyed listening to you speak.  I hated to end your session.  It was one I could really understand and get into.”
General Audit Management Conference, Las Vegas, March 2011
Keltie Ziccardi, Speaker Coordinator, Educational Programs, IIA Global Headquarters



“Joan Pastor provides interactive, informative and extremely relevant sessions.  Her enthusiasm for her work and her commitment to providing excellent content is clear in the evaluations we receive from the people who attend her workshops and sessions.  Joan has always been flexible in working with us and has often been called upon to “pinch hit” in last minute agenda changes.  We frequently ask Joan to speak because of her professionalism and we know that we will receive 110% effort from her.”
Barbara L. Berman, CMP, Senior Project Manager, Meetings and Conferences – Program Development, AICPA



“On behalf of the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Bankers Association, thank you for presenting your seminar on The Psychology Behind Fraud, Unethical Behavior and White Collar Crime.  This full day seminar was the first of its kind for the NJ Bankers.  One of our members had seen this seminar and recommended it to us.  We were not disappointed!  The attendance alone was great for a first-time topic — but the real proof that this seminar was great was that the attendance was full from morning to evening!  There are not many speakers who can retain the crowd for the entire day!  Your blend of case studies, humor, psychology and statistics definitely met the seminar’s objectives.  In the economic times we are living in today, any other State Banking Association should welcome this seminar into their course catalog.”
Jenn Zorn, Vice President, NJ Bankers Association



“It was a pleasure attending your session at the IIA Conference last week, and having the chance to talk to you afterwards. Believe it or not, I’ve already started to read your book, Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for Auditors, but when I went to look for it yesterday, could not find it – turns out my partner took it and was reading it. I guess everyone could learn on how to manage conflict better!”
Jim Riley, VP – Internal Audit, Macy’s



I had the privilege of experiencing training conducted by Dr. Joan Pastor. She facilitated courses on Risk Assessment (CRSA), Conflict Management and Interviewing skills. The attendees consisted of auditors and accountants with various years of experience but the course felt like it was geared for all. I enjoyed the interaction that Joan incorporates into her training; it requires everyone to participate and makes the training fun. She is very knowledgeable about the subject areas she offers but her personality so vibrant that you will find yourself wanting more.”
Greg Goodrich, MCNAFAS Far East Regional Audit Director, MC Butler Base, Okinawa, Japan



“You spoke July 24 at the American Institute of CPAs’ Interchange conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne. My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation . In fact, we now analyze our behavior to determine if we’re creating, promoting, or allowing certain situations in our lives!”
Sarah Seals, Public Relations Specialist, Texas Society of CPAs


“I wish I could put you in my pocket! You are an excellent instructor of Leadership and Collaboration, the best I have had in many years. Thank you!”
Diane Seefeldt, First Premier Bank



“Joan’s presentation on the Link between Leadership and Emotional Intelligence was absolutely fabulous! And I heard many others say that, too. She had all 350+ attendees listening to her every word. Joan is extremely informative, interesting, engaging, and funny! Her topic was one that everyone related to and she tailored it perfectly for our audience. I highly recommend Joan! We will definitely be using her again!”
Gail Peters, IIA Midwestern Regional Conference Programs Committee Chair



“We have had nothing but positive responses from the people who attended the conference on 4/8. Your presentation on Psychological Profiling of White Collar Criminals was extremely well received.”
Jeff Potochney, Senior Agent, FBI Philadelphia, PA Office



“Joan’s seminar was excellent! I hope to attend another of hers in the future.”
Gary Leeds, AICPA Not for Profit Conference



“I worked with Joan Pastor producing a series of psychology features for WXPN Radio. I was impressed with Joan’s ability to make each feature especially interesting by presenting fresh new approaches to general psychological principles. She would relate each theme directly to real-life experiences and tell specific stories to make the point come alive for the listeners. Joan speaks very amiably and draws you in, as if it were a one-on-one conversation.

“Joan would come in with information on new research or she would offer a truly unique interpretation of psychological phenomena. She is a wealth of information and insight, and her mind works quickly to draw together a lot of information, pull it together on the spot, and express it in a clear statement.”
Amy Salit, News Director, WXPN 88.9 FM



“One of the areas Joan excels in is developing a plan to correct identified problems and to monitor progress. In every session I have been in with Joan (it must be close to 20 now), she has left us with an action plan and critical success factors and a follow up plan. I would not be overstating Joan’s ability by saying that every session I have been in has been a huge success and that profitability, morale and team work all improved significantly due to the training.”
Brenda Morris, CFO, Icicle Seafoods



“I hope our paths cross down the road in the future. I always enjoyed our time together and I know you are working with many other business people bringing them great values to improve on what they do daily in their jobs as well.”
Doug Sellin, COO (Retired), Union Bay Sportswear


“Joan’s presentation was definitely different than any other fraud and ethics class I have attended. Her superior knowledge within the field of psychology and how it relates to both business and ethics was praised by all that attended. The participation through questions and case studies made it a very exciting and interactive class. This presentation is a must for Human Resources, Finance or departments of any business or association worldwide interested in fraud, and for people at all levels of the organization.  Last, but certainly not least, her office staff was great to work with and made the process of bringing in a speaker as simple as possible. Thank you for a great JPA International, Inc. experience!”
Leanna Nighswonger, Accountant, Washington River Protection Solutions, Richland, WA.



“I am writing to thank you for developing and conducting the Advanced Facilitation Skills Training for our staff. Once again, you have provided quality, effective training which will help us in administering our Risk Assessment program.  I have heard a lot of positive feedback from the staff, especially regarding the skills learned for dealing with difficult people. The opportunity to practice these skills during the training has allowed our staff not only to develop their skills, but to strengthen them as well.  As I work with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans throughout the United States, I am continuing to recommend both your beginning and advanced facilitation skills training.  As always, I enjoyed working and talking with you. I hope to continue our relationship with JPA as we continue to expand and enhance our audit programs.  Thanks again.”
Lori A. Oakes,  Consultant, Internal Reviews, Blue Cross/Blue Shield FEPS, Washington, DC



“Thanks for presenting to the IIA San Diego Chapter Fraud Seminar in July 2010.  Fraud audit training usually provides foundation suggestions on what to do and what to avoid in handling fraud incidents. However, Joan offers a unique and valuable fraud education with her psychological approach and insight.  She highlights psychological factors and behaviors of a fraudster to consider when conducting an audit and/or investigation.  The case studies and student interaction made this session very interesting and enjoyable!  Her presentation is great for all personnel levels, including management, executives and boards members that may be interested in ethics, creating ethical business cultures and preventing fraud. We look forward to having you back for a future seminar!”
Christy Decker, 2010-2011 President, IIA San Diego Chapter



“On a scale of 100, the participants evaluated this seminar at 94; that is truly remarkable, coming from such an exacting group of internal auditors.  As a group they felt this information would have very practical applications in their jobs…as for recommendations, the majority had only one:  attend the seminar!”
Michael Twomey, Vice President, IIA Chicago Chapter



“As usual, your high standards provided the participants a wealth of useful information.  The evaluations on your session, Leadership Skills, received the highest grade of the four sessions.”
Deborah McLaughlin, Chairperson, IIA Boston Chapter



“I really appreciate your dedication to this program and the time you put into your presentation.  I enjoyed working with you and hope to do so again in the future.”
Sandra McMahon, Project Manager-AICPA Conferences



“Joan’s course on Negotiation Skills provided insights and strategies that I have employed in recent investigative interviews with outstanding results. She provided information that can be applied immediately to achieve positive outcomes. I highly recommend this training for any investigator looking to improve their interviewing skills.”
James T. Nolan, Corporate Vice President, Special Investigation Unit, New York Life



“It has been almost three weeks since your two-day presentation to my staff.  As you suggested, we convened a staff meeting to review some of the things you covered and to make individual commitments to practice one of your techniques over the ensuing thirty days.  This letter is to convey my thanks to you for the wonderful job you did and to share with you some of the comments I heard as we did our ‘review’.

“To a person, there was enthusiastic agreement when one individual said that these two days were the most valuable training they have received from any of the workshops and conventions they have attended since they came to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa.   Specific comment was made about how truly practical and useful the information was proving to be as they used it both at work and at home.  Again, specific mention was made of the sections on how to positively work with individuals of differing behavior styles, the steps to be used to calm  an  angry  person  and  resolve  conflict  positively,  and  the understanding they gained through your descriptions of the three learning styles.  I can tell from personal experience that several of them learned from the section on learning styles, because they are using the information when they present to me.

“As I indicated when we visited on Friday, I will be contacting the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association to suggest that they ask you to speak at their national internal audit conference.  Your understanding of internal auditing was one of the things that made your presentation so valuable.”
Sonja R. Whitesell, Director, Audit Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield



“Joan Pastor’s presentation style is very engaging, and the seminar was interactive.  Joan had great insights into the Psychology behind Fraud, and even shared references to movies that demonstrated certain personality disorders, which I intend to watch with a new appreciation.  Our chapter was pleased with the fantastic turnout of over 50 attendees.  Overall, it was one of our best seminars!”
Carmela J. Schmitz, Vice President – Audit Officer, Special Projects Manager, Associated Banc-Corp



“I am writing in my role as past Vice President of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  Joan has spoken at a number of AICPA conferences over the last 11 years or so.  My particular area of focus is CPAs in business and government, who represent the largest segment of our 340,000 members.

“The first time I heard Joan speak was in a concurrent session on Leadership and I was impressed not only with her message but with her delivery as well.  Joan is a very engaging and dynamic speaker, and knows how to ‘work the room.’  The session was well attended and was followed by lunch.  During the lunch, word spread about how great Joan’s session was, so when the session was repeated in the afternoon, we had to bring in extra chairs.  She became the hit of the Conference!”
John F. Morrow, CPA, Director, PWC



“I met Joan during one of the seminars organized by the North Jersey IIA Chapter. I was really impressed with her methodology of conducting the training programs. She has fine tuned her HR programs to suit the special needs of the Internal Audit professionals and I was amazed to see her in-depth knowledge about the Internal Auditing profession. Later , my association with her as a participant in one of her HR research projects on Global Leadership Styles too was a memorable one. I still use her assessment results to understand and develop my leadership qualities. I wish her the very best in her chosen career.”
Raj M Venkatachalam,, Internal Audit Consultant & Former Chief Audit Executive
Board of Research & Education Advisors – IIA Global for 3 years



 A member of her professional inner circle–who has seen Joan in action as a trainer and facilitator–has endorses her on LinkedIn to help potential clients quickly identify her strengths: Service Category: Business Consultant, Year first hired: 2002 (hired more than once), Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert “Dear Joan, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation:  “I hired Joan on two occasions to train my colleagues and myself in how to facilitate risk assessment workshops. Joan’s training helped me get a good start in facilitation. The realistic exercises gave me confidence when I was facilitating my own workshops shortly after the course. The other attendees also found the course very useful,and, based on several requests, we held the course again a few years later for new people in the group. In addition to facilitation training, Joan’s course was basically a primer on applied psychology for business people, with helpful lessons on personality types, team building, and how to deal with destructive personalities. In addition to expert knowledge in her own field, Joan has a strong technical grasp of auditing, risk management  and business process, which shows in the delivery and relevance of her teaching.”
Dave Eden, P.Eng.



“Joan, participation in your assessment, as well as in your classes at IIA, impacted me and continues to play a part in my life. Thank you again for your work.”
Leigh Johnson-Steele, Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General, Office of Audits



“I greatly enjoyed your talk on “Improving Leadership Skills Across the Organization” at the AICPA NFP Executive Forum. The Leadership exercise was particularly helpful and one that I hope to use in my own organization.”   
Ann E. Hazinski, CPA, MBA, CGMA – Vice President for Finance & Chief Financial Officer – American Board of Pediatrics


“I can’t say enough good things about Joan Pastor.  She really delivers to her clients and presents information in a way that people really “get it.”  She is a frequent presenter for the International Institute for Internal Auditors (IIA). I am a member myself and met her in early 2012 at one of their conferences. She gave an outstanding presentation on Persuasive Communication Skills. Her presentation was after lunch and she kept us awake and involved the whole afternoon because her presentation was very good and effective. I learned a lot. I think is her background in psychology that makes her good at what she does because she seems to really understand people.  I’ve also checked out some of her books and materials from her website. That has also been helpful to me, especially her Conflict Management book.”
Marie Vernon – Director of Accounting at Central Alabama Community College


“Over the past fifteen months, I have attended three of your seminars: The Psychology of Fraud, Interviewing Skills for CFE’s and Auditors, and Conflict Management and
Negotiation Skills for CFE’s and Auditors. Each has exceeded my expectations. Your knowledge of a broad range of human behaviors and professionalism in presentation
were outstanding. Your enthusiasm and style kept us all engaged every second of the presentation. I heard several of the participants at each of these seminars describe you and your presentation as “super”. I agree with their assessment wholeheartedly! “I appreciate the way you made sure that all of our questions were answered. I have not only learned much from your seminars; but have also found them enjoyable and absorbing. For all these reasons, I not only recommend your seminars to my peers, but plan to attend additional ones myself in the future! Thank you for sharing yourself and your knowledge with us.

“Wishing you continued success in your presentations and research!”
S. Ben Herbert, CPA, Certified Fraud Examiner